Things I cant’ fall asleep without.

What makes you sleep better? Lots of people are complaining that they don’t sleep so well these days. I know that many of the men I date at London escorts have problems sleeping and I am always hearing about men who can’t fall asleep if they don’t have sex. I feel the same way, and I do honestly have a really hard time falling asleep if I don’t have sex. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact I am pretty hyped up after having finished my London escorts shift. Most London escorts do work very long hours and I am not any different.

When I finish my last London escorts date for the evening, it is normally pretty late, or it can even be in the early hours of the morning. By then I almost feel that I can’t sleep and I need to go through this certain process to sleep. Having sex is very much part of that process but that is not all. I like to treat myself in other ways as well. The first thing I do when I come home from London escorts agency is to take a shower. It helps me to relax at least a little and warms me up if I have been out late. I don’t know what it is, but I often feel cold when I come after midnight and need to warm up. After that, I make myself a hot chocolate and put some whipped cream on top. I know that it is super naughty, and not the sort of thing you would expect any girl from a London escorts service to do, but I am such a baby. There is something special about hot chocolate and whipped cream. Once I have finished my hot chocolate, I climb into my bed with the boyfriend. He works during the day, so if I want to have sex I have to wake him up.

He knows that working for London escorts makes me super horny, but at the same time, he complains about it. I know that it must be tough on him who has to get up early for work the next day, and sometimes he does look really tired in the morning. I am okay because I just curl up and go back to sleep. I am sure that we all have these crazy bedtime routines. Some people can’t fall asleep without having watched TV or had a glass of wine. A glass of red wine is nice before bedtime, but I do prefer to have good sex.

It refreshes me and after I have had sex, I do sleep like a baby. It gives me energy, and if that is what I really need the next day when I start my London escorts shift again. Am I weird? I don’t think that I am weird, but my boyfriend says that it is getting to be too much for him. He would prefer to have sex only during the weekend when I am off from London escorts. That simply would not be enough for this little sex kitten.


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