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To keep the relationship, work the two of you must give sexual satisfaction. Experts say that couples who enjoy sex live longer and stay. Long-term couples express their secrets that to be able to keep the relationship healthy is to mutually satisfying sex life. Enjoy each other tastes while in bed, give your all and make your fantasies come true. If you are too good in the kitchen, then give your husband a new spice every intercourse says Islington Escorts from Men like playgirl in bed and it’s more fulfilling if you play it hard. Never let your partner’s look for another dish, let them be crazy about you, and you were always their fantasy. Here are my top 5 secrets to get your partner’s go crazy with you!!!
Schedule your sex
Married couples often busy with work and kids. They tend to forget to give pleasures when one is needy. I believe that sex schedule helps the marriage to stay close and happy. I call it “Happy Time.” I and my husband both agreed to have sex every M-T-F and weekends. We never make excuses during the happy time because it’s also playtime and stress reliever.
Try new positions
Every time you had sex, make sure you got new position to make it more fun and enjoyable. I believe sex positions give more pleasures and the urge to want it more. Studies show that men usually initiates sex, but women drive sex more and crazy says Islington Escorts.
Watch porn together
Married couples should watch pod together to satisfy more their needs. It can develop your comfortability with each other and enjoy yourself being together. It gives you new ideas and excitement. You will have the bond to laugh different scenes and agreed to make it says Islington Escorts.
Sex at different places
The bedroom is the most useful place during sex. To make it more intimate, have sex in the kitchen. Like when your wife is cooking food, grab her waists and seduce her. It will be sexier when you do it surprisingly. You can also get sex in the comfort room which you can play each other’s bubbles while taking a bath. And if your husband is going to trip, have some sex at the car. Give him something he can’t forget.
Preparing meal after sex
When you wake up in the morning after a night of sex, kiss her and give your wife another round of sex. I believe that morning is the best way to have sex because you are full of energy. Always serve each other something to eat after sex. It would mean that you have valued the time and effort they put in.


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